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Jessica @ 10:38am 03-18-2011
I order a cake for my best friend's 26th birthday! I'm very picky when it comes to eating cakes, but this was by far one of the best I have had!! I would recommended pretty in pink sweets, Melissa is the best
Dana@ 4:37pm 02-21-2010
I have ordered 2 times from Melissa. She out did herself each time. The cakes weren't only beautiful to look at, but were simply delicious!!! Melissa delivered them on time and was very professional. It was a pleasure working with her on these very special occasions. I recommend her to all family and friends....I look forward to using her services again.
Gabriella@ 12:11am 01-31-2010
Melissa was very professional and made my dream cake! Not only was it absolutely adorable, the taste was outstanding. My family will definitely be using her services again, i will recommend pretty in pink sweets to everyone!
Angela@ 9:24am 09-26-2009
I ordered a birthday cake for my boyfriend's 23rd birthday, Melissa was very professional. She was able to create my vision of the cake perfectly. I will use her services in the future.
Jackie@ 9:41pm 09-02-2009
We had the pleasure of celebrating my mother's birthday with Melissa's amazing truffles. We could lie and say we are still enjoying them, however this perfect little tin of beautiful treats was empty in less than a day! They were unlike anything we have ever had, and would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Melissa is so talented, rarely can one make treats that are as pretty as they are delicious. She has a bright future ahead of her in baking, we highly recommend you order something from her!
Hayley@ 12:10pm 08-22-2009
I ordered a dozen chocolate cupcakes covered in cream cheese frosting from Pretty in Pink Sweets. These were some of the most delicious cupcakes ever and I am a picky eater! The attitude was very professional and timely. The only disappointment I had was that other people kept eating the cupcakes and sneaking them away from me because of their deliciousness. Next time I need some desserts of cupcakes I will definitely go to Pretty in Pink Sweets.
Eliana@ 3:17pm 08-18-2009
Melissa was very professional and flexible with my cupcake/truffle order! She delivered excellent customer service and amazing quality. I bought a dozen cupcakes and a dozen white chocolate oreo truffles and both desserts were gone within a matter of a few hours! Next time I’ll know to HIDE THE TRUFFLES!!

Next time I'm in need of delicious and decadent desserts I will think of "Pretty in Pink Sweets" Definitely worth the money!!
Brian@ 10:15am 08-15-2009
I ordered a 9" standard cherry cheesecake from Melissa. She was extremely flexible with the time frame and very professional throughout. She delivered it to my house exactly on time as well and was dressed very classy ("pretty in pink" isn't just the name of the business *wink*).

The cheesecake itself, well...I didn't get to eat much due to friends and family eating it all, but they assured me that it was rather splendid (WARNING: IF YOU ORDER FROM MELISSA, LOCK YOUR SWEETS UP. YOU WILL NOT GET TO EAT THEM OTHERWISE). From the few fork fulls that I got in, it was definitely heavenly.

I plan on ordering more from Melissa for all kinds of occasions. Her creations are more than worth the money.

Thanks, Melissa!